The National Interest Research Projects, 2008 and 2006, PRIN 2008 and PRIN 2006, exactly “LES Numerical Simulations of Pressurized Microcombustors for microturbines applications and/or propulsion” and “LES Numerical Simulations of Microcombustors for microturbines applications and/or propulsion”, are two consecutive Italian funded research projects on swirling microcombustion chambers for energy and/or space applications.

They investigate the performance of a 254[mm^3] swirling chambers, at 1 and 3[atm] of operating pressure, fed by hydrogen or hydrocarbons, with a total injected chemical power of 125[W].

Important outcomes carried out in terms of combustion efficiency, temperature distribution inside the chamber and mixing processes.

Swirling Combustion Chamber    Fig 13 (2)

These two works have been done in collaboration with many National Institutions.                                                    

More than 10 Documents have been produced, some are not available because confidential.


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