The  “Hybrid Renewable Energy Converter for continous and flexible Power production   (HRC Power project)”  is  a EU-FP7 funded project aiming at developing micro-meso hybrid sources of power. In particular a converter defined by a small, highly conductive and highly emitting, parallelepiped with inside meso-combustion chambers is studied       (see the figure).

converterThe basic idea is: the converter faces the sun with “wall 1”, absorbs the energy, which is conducted to “wall 3”, heats up the “wall 3” temperature, up to enough high values to obtain infrared emissions, and produces electrical energy by thermal/electrical conversion in thermo-photovoltaic cells.

Dr. Minotti is involved to investigate the feasibility of integrating swirling chambers inside the converter, and to design a configuration which is compatible with the aforementioned conversion, adopting hydrogen and hydrocarbons as fuels.

Many configurations have been analyzed, differing in terms of injected power, geometrical solutions, dimensions, number of chambers, separated and/or connected configuration.

This 3.5 years work (11/2012-04/2016) is carried out with the collaborations of many International Institutions and Companies and has produced several Documents.


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