EU-P2P (Partner to Partner) Export Control Programme
The European Union is a long-standing provider of capacity-building activities aimed at the overall strengthening of export controls worldwide. Activities on export controls include:

Within this frame Dr. Angelo Minotti, in consortium with the University of Liege (Leader of the contract), the King’s College London, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the Institute of Customs and International Trade Law (AWA) and the University of Kent (UoK), has won the 4-years (November 2017-2021)

Framework contract for the provision of expertise on Strategic Trade Control related activities”,

The global purpose of this framework contract is to provide the Joint Research Centre with the technical expertise and support from external academia experts with proven experience in the field of Strategic Trade Control for thematic multi-disciplinary research work, preparation of training material and delivery of training, editorial and web support content.

Dr. Angelo Minotti, together with the King’s College London, is in charge for the work package related to the Dual Use Technologies.

EU-P2P (Partner to Partner) Export Control Programme